Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Winter lips be gone! Enter Lanolips Lemonaid.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Winter is not kind to one's lips. 

Well, I have found the perfect solution; Lanolin. Or rather, more precisely, Lanolips in Lemonaid.  

Now, I will be honest with you - this isn't a completely new phenomenon to me. 
A few years ago, more years than I care to admit, my favourite Blogger [Lipglossiping] raved about the goodness of Lanolin - and more specifically the wonder that is the brand Lanolips. (For reference, that post can be found here). 

Lanolips Lemonaid is an absolute dream for the lips. The organic lemon oil gently exfoliates dry and dead skin on the lips whilst providing a lovely refreshing tingle. The tube contains 70% pure Lanolin meaning that after exfoliating, the product leaves the lips feeling soft and moisturised with a little added shine. And who doesn't want that?

Another major selling point for me is that unlike my beloved Vaseline (sorry my sweet, sweet darling) you don't have to dunk your finger(s) in to a pot, and consequently worry about those pesky little hand germs spreading. You can run the tube over your lips or pop it on to a clean lip brush - if you are that way inclined.

A little information about Lanolin:
- Vegetarian Friendly
- Natural Bi-product of the Wool industry
- Used, and recommended, by doctors
- Dates back as far as 700BC! (Is that only interesting to me as an Archaeologist?!)

This product is a definite handbag staple!

Lovelies: What's your lip handbag must have?

Can be found in:
Boots stores or online here for £9.18
Waitrose stores or online here for £9.18 

[Further information can be located on the Lanolips website]

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  1. Alltheprettythings2 April 2014 at 17:56

    I can definitely stand by everything on this post - I've tried this product and my lips feel like little clouds! So worth a try. And it's ZINGY!