Friday, 28 March 2014

Leaving '& Other Stories' without a single purchase. #Impossible.

The awe-inspiring experience left me in a state of reverence; dissuading my attention from the lavish apparel, to the perpendicular, slightly more affordable, products; Beauty.

I did it.  I don’t want to be that person but it seems that I am.  I absolutely, completely and utterly, judged a book (or in this case, product) by its cover…

Secret Haven Hand Soap
Secret Haven Hand Lotion
You must admit, its hard not too. A perfectly executed, collaboration of font and art direction ropes me in every time and this was no exception. The beautifully scribed, monochrome-metallic fusion would stand proud in any minimalist bathroom (and works particularly well, dressing my white, silver and lavender-pink graphic theme, if I do say so myself!)

A floral and fruity aroma that equal appeal for both men and women. A complete winner.  The recipe?

‘Tangy peach and dreamy coconut meet a garden of peonies, lilacs, and dewy violets, with base notes of relaxed sandalwood, vanilla, and soft musk’

Exactly that.  Both products deliver the perfect amount of scent.  Initially, significantly pungent, but soon becomes more subdued, settling to a more established suggestion of its former powerful self. 

FYI, super greasy hand lotions just don’t do it for me and upon application, I feared that this would fall into this category.  After massaging into my hands for 2-4 minutes, the fine cream melted in; beautifully.

Hand Lotion £5 250ml - Purchase Here

Hand Soap £4 250ml - Purchase Here

The ‘& Other Stories’ bath & body range comes in 11 different fragrances, with 7 different products to choose from: hand wash, hand lotion, body wash, body scrub, body mist, body soufflĂ© and body lotion.

ADDED BONUS:  Take back any '& other stories' cosmetics packaging and receive 10% off on your next cosmetics purchase!

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