Our Honesty Policy

Any and all opinions and thoughts on absolutely everything featured on this blog are entirely our own. All reviews that are written are in our honest opinion, they will never be swayed or biased by any outsider influence. 
 my opinion just because something has been sent to me and I do not accept compensation for purely positive reviews.


Any photographs taken by us, will be marked as such. If you wish to use or distribute them then we ask only that you please credit us and link back to this website.
Any photographs that have not been personally taken by us, will be credited back to the original owner (wherever possible). However, if you do own the copyright and wish for any images to be removed, or altered, then please message us and we will do that. 


Any item marked with a on our blog will be an indicator for an item that has been gifted or sent to us by a company with the interest of a review. However, we do not accept any items that would not fit in with our blog, our style, or ourselves. 
No matter where the item(s) has come from, it does not - in any way - affect or sway our opinion. We retain the right to not write a review on the item if we do not view it positively, regardless of the item's origin.